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RE: wind loads for small windows

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you can calculate wind load per UBC section 1620. (P= Ce Cq Qs Iw)
you will need UBC tables 16-G 16-H 16-K and 16-F to figure out those factors.
after you figure out your load you should design your window for that load. (I don't know how to design glass but probably you can ask the manufacturer about the capacity of that)
you might need some additional consideration for hurricane zone that I am not aware of that. (I live in California)
I can fax you UBC information if you don't have access to that.
Amir Miraftab
Structural Project Engineer
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Subject: wind loads for small windows

From:  Ken McDowell <seaint-ad(--nospam--at)
Subject:  wind loads for small windows
I'm an EE, building a house in a hurricane zone; and I'm trying to figure out how to calculate wind pressure/loads on small windows from 3 ft2 to 16 ft2.  I have two formulas given me by associates (an ME and a CE) which yield values within 20% of each other; however, the values determined by Mexican code are about half these numbers.  After reading Scott Maxwell's Jan., 03 message, I'm guessing the mexican code calculation is the average wind loading for a wall, and that I should use the C&C calculation for small windows.  Unfortunately, as a lowly electrical type, I haven't a clue as to what "C&C" is.  Could someone please enlighten me?  Thank you.
Ken McDowell