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Re: wind loads for small windows

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At 12:44 PM 5/16/2004 -0400, Scott wrote:
While what you say is true, it may also be due to the Mexican potentially
being based upon a different/older wind force method (assuming the
formulas that he was given were NOT from the Mexican code).  In
otherwords, it may be more than just comparing MWFS to C&C loadings.

True, but the order of magnitude is about right, and using the US numbers are conservative. That is, if the Mexican code C&C is about half the US numbers, then using US values will produce an acceptable design. I got the impression that he was looking for some guidance on his project, not a dissertation on the subtleties of Mexican wind load analysis and technique. <shrug> Perhaps someone who knows more about the Mexican code can add some info to the thread for future archive-searchers.

Also, complete your last comment little more...US codes that address
hurricane region issues require that glass in windows be "impact
resistant" (at least from what I recall).

True. I'm just pointing out that C&C loads are the correct ones to use for pressure design of his windows, but that those values may not control the design, since there may be debris impact requirements, as well. 90%+ of my practice is for sturcutres in the 85/90 MPH areas of the US, so I don't know the details off the top of my head.


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