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Re: Sound barrier foundation

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I'd probably consider it a beam (rho>0.0033@3ksi/60ksi), since that's the mode in which it's being utilized. I'm sure others will disagree.  I can understand your dilemma, as you're sure to get some furrowed brows from the contractor when you tell him he has to put 8-#9 bars in it.

On a tangent, I'd be interested to find out how many folks would consider a lightly loaded member of this type - say 8-10k vertical superimposed without moment -  a continuously supported column, designable as a plain structural concrete member per ACI318, provided it did not extend more than 90" above grade (3:1 pedestal ratio).


At 09:09 PM 5/16/2004 -0400, you wrote:
I am designing a sound barrier, which consists of precast concrete panels spanning horizontally between steel columns @ 12'-6". The columns are founded on 30" diam x 12'-0" deep cast-in-place caissons. Of course the vertical load is almost zero, but there is a moment and a horizontal force applied at top of the footing. The question is about the minimum reinforcement allowed for this type of foundation. Is the usual Rho = 0.01 also applicable in this case, or is it possible to use a lower value considering the size of the caissons? Thanks in advance.
Javier Encinas
Encinas Associate
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