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Re: Millau Viaduct

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Message . . . Up there in the frozen north, do they read foreign papers?
Inform them on the results of the fancy architecture that produced
the fiasco of the millennium bridge in London ( the wobble bridge ).

Raúl Labbé S.E.

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Subject: RE: Millau Viaduct

Well, and here I thought that heavy structural (like dams and bridges) were
the last bastion of the engineer - who was allowed to do pretty designs
without hiring an architect.  Up here in the frozen north, engineers are
actually not allowed to do anything preceived to be architecture.

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Subject: Millau Viaduct

Here are a couple of links describing an absolutely amazing structural
engineering project.

At least, I am amazed by this bridge.  It is more than 1.5 miles long, with
typical spans of 1,115 feet and pier heights up to 1,165 feet.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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