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Vertical Force Distribution - UBC97

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UBC97 distribute seismic force vertically, basically using the ratio of floor weight times the height.   Consider a three story building, if the roof is a plywood diaphragm, and the floors below are all concrete deck, e.g. rigid diaphragm.  Would the vertical force distribution still occur as described in UBC97, 1630.5?  That is, does the lateral force in the roof diaphragm need to be calculated according to section 1630.5 of UBC97, which mostly like means a higher force than the base shear calculated at the roof level?
SEAONC bluebook says that when the structure deformation differs significantly from the assumed liner mode behavior, in this case the roof diaphragm will deform a lot more than the concrete diaphragm below, consideration should be given to alternate methods of distributing the forces sucha s dynamic analysis. 
Is there any other method you use in this situation, to avoid doing a dynamic analysis?  Do you just ignor the vertically distributed force in UBC97, and use just the base shear at the roof level as the design force?
Appreciate any comments.
Y i   Y a n g,   P. E.             
Santa Rosa, California