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RE: Seismic Piping Question

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I find it very cumbersome to try to figure out the deformability of a
material.  To me, based on what I have read and researched, it seems that
for each individual material, I would need to look at a stress vs strain
curve, figure out what sigma-ultimate is, and what sigma - 40% of ultimate
is, then what epsilon is at each of those points on the curve (I would guess
by scaling the curve?) and then take the ratio of each and figure out
whether it is high, limited or low deformability.  Then that will tell me
whether a system needs to be considered for seismic loads so that I can
START on my seismic design.

It's a choice between mapping out yard after yard of pipe and putting an
inflated seismic load on everything indescriminately OR finding some
stress-strain curves and estimating the deformability.

It seems to me that there should be an easier way.  It also seems to me that
nobody that's not writing a reasearch paper on the subject would even
attempt the stress-strain curve method.  What I have done is bracketed the
seismic force and assumed that it is a low deformability piping system and
am currently going through my yard after yard of pipe.  I have a 27% seismic
force for the piping in an area where the design for the building is 9%.

Has anyone out there attempted this kind of analysis before?

Brian S. Bossley, EIT
Ventura Engineering
7610 Olentangy River Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235
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