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Hollowcore plank structural integrity question

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ACI 318-02 has some pretty specific requirements in
section 16.5 regarding requirements for minimum
structural integrity reinforcing in precast bearing
wall structures. For structures framed with hollowcore
plank bearing on masonry walls the longitudinal floor
ties usually consist of bars placed in the keyed
joints between adjacent planks. I?ve seen this detail
used since I did my first plank job in the early 80?s
and have always taken for granted that this steel was

I was recently looking at a set of drawings designed
by another engineer and that engineer does not show
the rebar in the plank joints. The applicable building
code for the project is the 1993 BOCA Code. That code
references ACI 318-89, and ACI 318-89 had no
requirements for structural integrity reinforcing in
precast structures.

My question is this:  Where was the code requirement
that dictated engineers provide reinforcing steel in
plank joints (parallel to the plank span) over bearing
walls in the early 80?s? If this requirement wasn?t
specifically stated in any building code, was it done
as a matter of standard industry practice?

(I can?t believe that there are still areas of the
country that are using the 1993 BOCA Code!)


Cliff Schwinger

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