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RE: Seismic Piping Question

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	I've got to say something, though I cannot help on the particular
question. For my Master's thesis, I put pipe ends in an Instron machine and
pulled them apart and pushed them back together. The purpose was to develop
information on joint stiffnesses so (with other information on the pipe
itself and the soils, etc.) pipeline behavior in an earthquake could be
predicted . It achieved the goal: fulfillment of that portion of the degree
requirement, and I had the help of three sharp undergraduates, so they got
some credit, too. I have never heard anything more on the subject since. I
have wondered if it was of no practical use.
	While I'm on the subject of feeling funny about my actions and on
another thread, I have more than once gone beyond my ability to speak other
languages. While I have been chewed out (though I did not always understand
- and sometimes I did understand and it was very impolite), I have also been
appreciated for trying, and once I got a new understanding of why things
were the way they were. While the fellow spoke good enough English, he would
not explain it to me in English. He sure told me a lot in another language,
which was mother tongue for neither of us.
	Jim Getaz
	Winchester, Virginia

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