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At 09:10 AM 5/19/2004 -0400, you wrote:
At my old A & E company the terms used for draftsmen (we use CAD Tech at my new office, which I prefer) were often confusing. That was in part because like someone else said, architects out of school call themselves architectural designers. I have heard to use the term "Architect" implies AIA certification and that is why they did not use that term (illegal), they had to throw in "designer". They do not have the same EI type designation that we have.

I had to jump in here. I don't find using "Architect" to be any more misleading than "Engineer". Not that I believe that the engineer moniker has been enhanced by non-registered-professionals using the title. Architect (with a capital A) is still a largely unregulated label, just as Engineer. Now, if a fresh-out was calling themselves a Registered Architect, or was putting AIA behind their name, that's wrong, but htey have a degree in architecture, and that makes them no less an Architect than an Accountant (without a CPA) or an Engineer (without a PE).

At the AE firm I worked for, we Architectural Technicians and Engineering Technicians for drafters. A 2 year degree (associate) in some sort of CAD related field should be where the bar is set. A drafter with aspirations for a professional license is more likely to spend less time in your firm (as a drafter, or at all). Proficiency with the type of building you do, and the software and operating system is probably just as important as education.

On a tangent, in my AE firm, the lowest level of professional was a "Staff Engineer", the highest was an "Associate." That always struck me as funny, because outside of the AE world (I come from an Aerospace and Mechanical Design background), an Associate is a fresh-out engineer who can't tell a cap screw from a set screw, and "Staff" engineer was highest technical level, involved with top management in the running of the company/division.

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