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Re: The Whole "CAD TECH" Thing (WAS: "designers")

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I haven't meet one (an architect) that didn't do that, don't you hate that.
(we CAD proficient Engineers can be such snobs) Really though if you want to
be accurate in the structural aspects this can be very frustrating to work
with. I'm very hard on our cad guys to make sure what we draw is accurate.
In the field this is how you are judged, by how accurate your drawings are.
For us this is ground zero for doing a good job, the best engineering looks
like crap if the drawings are bad.


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> MessageBill Polhemus:  "(As an aside, I have yet to meet a "CAD Tech" who
> knows as much about utilizing the powerful features of Autocad as I do.
> of them are vaguely aware that there is such a thing as "Paper Space" for
> example.)"
> John Riley:  One architectural firm that I provide services to hasn't
> figured out the paper space thing.  They slap their title block/border
> around a plan in model space and "scale" their details.  But the worst
> is they are not that concerned about accurately drawing to scale.  Once I
> actually looked over one's shoulder while he eye-balled on-screen where a
> wall should be, dimensioned it then changed the dimension text to fit his
> desire.
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