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"That part was O.K. What bothered me was that, in the title block, the
name of the firm was "Blah, Blah, Structural Engineers". Apparently, the
licensee was recognized in the state of WA as a structural engineer. I
thought that, unless he was a licensed CA SE, he could not present himself (or his firm) as a structural engineer here in CA unless he and/or anothe principal at his firm was a CA SE."

You will be relieved to hear that I know of a case 5 or 6 years ago where the jurisdiction required a Washington firm to change it's logo over that issue.  It was some minor change, though.  I believe that the "structural engineers" part was changed to "structural engineering".  They had a CA SE on staff, but it wasn't the guy who signed that project.  I don't know if that affected the outcome in any way.  Didn't seem like a worthwhile exercise to me, but I'm not a Californian either.  The last opinion I have seen on it (which may not be current) seemed to hinge on the degree to which a non-CA SE was seeking to position themselves for CA-SE type work using the title.  The more clear they made it that they were not a CA-SE, or the more it just didn't matter, the less likely it seemed to be a problem.  At some point it becomes very cumbersome for a national practice to control distribution of its materials (or worse yet, access to web sites) across various states, so some recognition of different levels of use of titles seems reasonable.  

Out of curiosity, how does a PE in CA market their work or describe what they do if they happen to do "strutural" work?  Since the list of project types that require an SE specifically is rather limited, this must happen all the time.  

Paul Crocker, (non-CA) PE, (non-CA) SE

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