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Re: Job place indemnification

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I think Scott's right on this one.  Most E&O coverage
is "claims made" and applies only to claims made while
premiums are being paid.  So... if your company closes
its doors without purchasing continuing coverage for
current/past/retired employees, then you are "bare."

If you retire or change jobs, you may be covered by
your past employer's E&O, for acts you committed while
in their employ, provided they are still paying the
premiums, but ONLY IF "you or your" is defined in the
policy to include retired or past employees, as well
as current ones.  Check your employer's policy; ours
is a little ambiguous on this point.


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> Another thing to think about...
> Even if you are covered by your current employer's
> insurance, will you be protected if you change jobs,


> when you retire,


> or if your company goes belly up?


Typically, if work is performed or completed during
the "coverage period,"
none of the above, subsequent events or changes in
status will affect the
assumption of liability by the insurance carrier for
that work.

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