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Yeah, but the surveying part doesn't really "defend" them much in my
opinion.  Personally, I have no clue when or why I would need to know
surveying stuff that I might be tested for...I have yet to use any of my
knowledge from my surveying class in my structural(/civil) career and I
doubt I ever will.  The seismic part certainly helps.

And I will say that you don't know me very well...I am crazy enough to
take the Struct III exam in WA on a "whim" (I lie to myself by telling
myself that it is so that I can move to the Seattle/Tacoma area some day)
and am crazy enough that I plan on getting my PE license in CA (thus, take
the surveying and seismic exams) in the near future.


Adrian, MI

On Wed, 19 May 2004, Paul Crocker wrote:

> "That has ALWAYS interested me.  Here you have one of the most
> (if not the most) seismically active states, which means a highly skill
> level in structural detailing is required), but it has the "weakest"
> experience requirements to obtain a PE license (to my knowledge, EVERY
> other state requires 4 years).  Ah, how the world doesn't make sense!!"
> In their defense, they do have that surveying/seismic test that you have to take in addition to the PE exam to get your license.  I don't know much about it, but presumably all their PEs will have demonstrated some minimum level of seismic competence.  It's also a great way of discouraging out of state engineers from licensing by comity, since you have to spend the time and money to travel to California to take the thing, something you probably won't do on a whim.
> Paul Crocker

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