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RE: Seismic Piping Question

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Piping deformability depends both on material properties and method of joining.

I quote from Appendix to Chapter 6 of 2000 NEHRP:

All materials in high-deformability piping systems shall have an elongation at rupture of at least 10% at the minimum operating temperature and pipes and pipe components used in high-deformability systems shall be joined by welding or by bolted flanges.

Systems containing components with an elongation at rupture of less than 10% at the minimum operating temperature, or having joints that rely only on friction, shall be classified as low-deformability systems.

Systems that are neither high-nor low-deformability systems shall be classified as limited deformability systems.

Systems with threaded connections shall be classified as limited- or low-deformability systems.

It is my guess that steel piping will meet elongation criteria of high-deformability. So, method of joining will determine piping deformability.

Rudra Nevatia
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