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RE: Job place indemnification

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Statutes of Limitations and Statute of Reposes both apply to civil litigation, including construction law.

Statute of Limitations:  A party must file a claim against a design professional within X (normally, 2) years after the date when they first become aware of an injury/damage/event that would serve as the basis of such a claim.

Statute of Repose:  On any specific project, a party must file a claim against a design professional within X (normally, 10) years after the date of substantial completion of that project.

Please note that these definitions are my words, not those of some lawyer.  If a plaintiff misses either of these deadlines, their rights to litigate are normally forfeited (with some exceptions).


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas 


I don't believe the term "statute of limitations" applies to civil cases...that is a crimal law term, I believe.  I believe the correct term is "statute of repose" (ah, the benefits of reading Structural Engineer's "legal corner" articles).

As to length of statute of repose, it varies from state to state.  And I don't know what it typically it...I am not a lawyer...but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. (tm) [as the commercial goes]  <grin>


Adrian, MI

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