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RE: Education of Structural Draftsman

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Here are my thoughts ...

1]  Hire whoever you are told to, and then use that as an excuse to double your fees.

2]  Have you considered hiring entry-level architects as CAD Operators?  They typically get more drawing experience in college than engineers do.  Also, they are usually less expensive than entry-level engineers. 

3]  Why are the architects running the show?  Engineers make better managers.  Go work somewhere else (at an EA, instead of at an AE)!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.  Let me try to clarify the 
situation a little.

Our division manager is an architect.  There are about 27 people in the 
architectural department of which maybe half at most are licensed 
architects.  Marketing is very important to our management, almost more 
important than projects we actually are working on.  From my perspective 
I'm think the 4 year degree requirement is a marketing scheme.

The two structural draftsman we have left are very experienced and can 
lay out a job with little engineering input or guidance.  Because the 
architects, for the most part, draw their own work they are under the 
misconception that engineering should work in the same way.  

It really seems like the goal of our  management is to eliminate our 
draftsman and hire young, inexperienced, lesser paid engineers who do 
their own drafting and engineering.  The time spent learning, 
back-checking and re-working would kill any project schedule let alone 

I agree with Charlie that engineers with four year degrees most likely 
can't be as productive at developing structural drawings as a draftsman 
with good experience or at least a technical degree.  As ridiculous as 
it sounds, the secretary with an MBA is a good analogy to the structural 
draftsman with a 4 year degree.  Each have an education which might 
leave them wanting more than production level work.

Matt Steiner, P.E.
Structural Engineering Department
DMJM design
999 Town & Country Road
Orange, CA  92868
Direct - (714) 567-2566
Fax - (714) 567-2729

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