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This year AIA dues had an additional fee tacked on to pay for the national
advertising campaign that I keep hearing on the radio.

As one who has been through both registration processes, I don't think we
engineers will ever overcome the hurdles and speak as one group. AIA and NCARB
(National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) are very cohesive
groups.  Today in practically all states, architects seeking registration have
to file their paperwork with NCARB at the national level and complete the Intern
Architect Program. This gives them an NCARB number at the beginning of their
career. When that has been done, then they apply to their state board to take
the exam. When they pass the exam, they are licensed. The IA program is a a
rigorous paperwork system to demonstrate that the young architects have been
exposed to and worked in all facets of architecture including fee discussions
with clients.

The engineering community is too fractured when compared to the AIA-NCARB
monolith. Too many state boards will not accept record transfer from NCEES. And, how many engineers actual have an NCEES number? Licensing for engineers is still
accomplished at the state level. There is one national exam for architects.
Engineers still do not have a true national exam.

I wondered about must be a chunk of change for the number of times I hear the ads, and to have penetration into such a small market as mine implies a very deep campaign. (heck, I dropped ASCE for what I though was excessive dues - and theirs was under $200).

Engineers are unlikely to be cohesive, because the scope of engineering is so much wider than architecture. Engineering support for buildings and bridges is just a small portion of the engineering which occurs. In other industries, the lack of early pressure to adopt the PE as a requirement has caused most of corporate engineering in America to never consider getting a PE. They will fight to the death rather than submit themselves to a test to continue their livelihood. Our "own" contemporaries don't want to form tighter ranks.

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