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Re: Education of Structural Draftsman (was Structural Designers

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>It really seems like the goal of our  management is to eliminate our 
>draftsman and hire young, inexperienced, lesser paid engineers who do 
>their own drafting and engineering.  The time spent learning, 
>back-checking and re-working would kill any project schedule let alone 
Don't feel like the lone ranger. This has been going on over here on the 
dark side for years. More than a few engineering managers think that once 
you have a picture, you have a design, therefore anyone who can operate 
CAD software is automatically a designer. So you find 'designers' without 
the foggiest notion of fabrication techniques or materials behavior, let 
alone cost or schedule. 

Over here it goes a step further yet, with the incorporation of FEA 
capability with some CAD packages. FEA will make your CAD 
operator/designer into a CAD operator/designer/structural engineer. 
Companies are really buying into it, thanks to inept-leading-the-clueless 
marketing presentations by software developers, most of whom haven't a 
notion what goes on in a design office, let alone a fab shop.

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