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Rand Holtham wrote:

I'm interested in the cases you referred to ("TBAE currently has two
enforcement actions pending against engineers for doing "full building
design" of public buildings") As the Texas Arch rules and Egr rules have
had language that does not restrict Engineers from doing work allowed by
their rules and the engineering rules do not restrict architects from
doing their thing. The key is that you better know what you are doing.
An architect doing structural design better know how to design for all
the applicable loads. If he does I don't think he's in violation of the
Egr's Practice Act (see sect 19(7)(e) and visa-versa (similar wording in
their law). Where do I find info on your reference?


The TBPE and TBAE agree on some things, such as the fact that their
respective practice acts are not clear and consistent with respect to
overlapping practice.  Ditto for the Attorney General's opinion, DM-161.
That is why the issue has been going on unresolved for nearly 15 years.
As things currently stand, neither TBAE nor TBPE believe that architects
can practice any form of engineering work beyond that which might be
"incidental" to the practice of architecture.  On the other hand, many
engineers believe that they have the right to practice "full building
design" as long as they don't call it architecture.  TBAE views this as
a flagrant violation of their practice act.  TBPE may or may not agree.
This might be decided tomorrow.  In the meantime, you can get more
information by reading the posted meeting minutes at the websites of
both state agencies.  Be sure extend your reading at least four years
into the past.  Better yet, go back to 1989.


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