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Re: Minimum Slab on Grade Steel

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ACI 318 DOES NOT apply to slab on grades.  In fact, the entire
ACI 318 document does not apply to slab on grades, except for VERY limited
situations (see section 1.1.6 in ACI 318-02...similar section if not the
same for older ACIs).

As Stan pointed out, I am not aware of any code provisions that dictacte a
minimum.  Nor am I aware of any minimum industry recommendations.

If it was on the contract documents, then I would likely politely point
out that the contractor has a contractual obligation to provide what was
shown on the drawings.

And, FWIW, I too use ACI temperature minimums for SOGs even though it is
not required.  If nothing else it is a reasonable basis.


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 20 May 2004, Keith De Lapp wrote:

> It has always been my opinion that ACI (0.0018 minimum temperature
> and shrinkage reinforcing) applies to elevated slabs and not slabs on grade.
> I have always designed my sog reinforcing to ACI
> Is there a code or industry recommendation for sog minimum steel?  I find
> myself in a situation where a contractor has made an error and I am trying
> to substantiate my design/specification with code/industry reference while
> the contractor tries to politely challenge me.
> Thanks in advance for your prompt response.
> Keith De Lapp, P.E.

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