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RE: Minimum Slab on Grade Steel

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    I would have to agree with Stan (he's a smart guy).  I designed a restaurant slab here in the "BOOT" (Louisiana) about five (5) years ago with no rebar.  The building official questioned it, and I pointed to him that it was non structural and there were no minimums.  I further copied portions of ACI 302 for his review.  The building had about 5' of select fill under the slab and a very tight saw cut pattern in the slab to meet the architectural program.  I have yet to see a single non-sawn crack appear in the slab.
    I must say that this slab was atypical; as I typicall use #3's @ 12" or 4's @ 16".
Brian K. Smith, P.E.
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From: Caldwell, Stan [mailto:scaldwell(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2004 5:10 PM
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Subject: RE: Minimum Slab on Grade Steel

I don't believe that there is an accepted minimum reinforcing ratio for slabs on grade.  I have occasionally designed industrial slabs with no (zero, nil, nada) reinforcement and had good success.  Of course, this requires frequent jointing and excellent curing.  
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
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Subject: Minimum Slab on Grade Steel

It has always been my opinion that ACI (0.0018 minimum temperature and shrinkage reinforcing) applies to elevated slabs and not slabs on grade.  I have always designed my sog reinforcing to ACI
Is there a code or industry recommendation for sog minimum steel?  I find myself in a situation where a contractor has made an error and I am trying to substantiate my design/specification with code/industry reference while the contractor tries to politely challenge me.
Thanks in advance for your prompt response.
Keith De Lapp, P.E.