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Truss Dead Weights - Inadequate Force Information

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For C&C truss calculations not showing System reactions;
Your choices are:
1) Request additional truss calcs with System loads & reactions.
2) Calculate System reactions yourself (all load cases).
For choice #2;
If truss weight is not listed directly on calc;
Determine chord/web/plate Dead Loads yourself. 
Here's a Dead Load (weight of materials) link:
My own personal thoughts;
Have your truss supplier change to different software.
Reduce the amount of work you have to do.
Reduce your liability for such calculations.
If you are the 'Designer of Record' (EOR), add to the plans in
your truss specification the following phrases:
-Trusses shall be designed using Components & Cladding and
-Truss Specialty Engineer to provide the following:
  a)Reactions due to 'System' loads 
  b)Member forces for the design of permanent bracing.
This last line is most important in your case:
You ARE negligent.
If the truss calculations you accepted do not show web forces,
how could you have even designed permanent web bracing?
A definition of Negligent:
Habitual omission of that which ought to be done.
Charlie Truax