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RE: Seismic Piping Question

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Thank you all for your help with my question.  My final approximation is that Pipe (A53 Type B Carbon Steel) has a deformability of about 145, both 304L and 316L Stainless Steel Pipe (A312, Type TP304L, and TP316L) have a deformability of 87.5, and Copper Pipe (B88) has a deformability of about 3.67.  All of these can be classified as high deformability piping, and then the rest of the seismic analysis can be done.  Most of the values I needed to calculate it were painstakingly pulled from ASTM as well as from different metallurgists' stress-strain curves (it wasn’t quite cut and dry).  The 2003 (not 2000) Proposed NEHRP Appendix to Chapter 6 was also helpful for making my case. 


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