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Re: diaphragm does a structure make?

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"The lack of a diaphragm is not really the determining factor."

It isn't the defining factor, but if in doubt I am more inclined to hit a tough to define structure with the non-building label if it doesn't have a diaphragm.  A structure with a nice rugged diaphragm can distribute and redistribute loads much more effectively than something without one.  The resulting non-linear behavior could be expect to be rather different.  In reading over the NEHRP commentary about R factors, there are a fair number of assumptions and guesses that go into picking the R factors, most of which are predicated on fairly typical building layouts.  Hence, I am hesistant to use a favorable building system R if the struture doesn't look an awful lot like a building, with a nice rugged diaphram built in.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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