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Re: Steel connections/ fabricator

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Does the requirement that the EOR design and detail
seismic connections appear in the 2003 IBC or the 2002
ASCE?  I took a quick look and couldn't find it.

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> I missed the original post on t
his thread but in regards to the East Coast 
> versus West Coast detailing issue part of the reason
it is rarely done on 
> the West Coast is that it is discouraged by the
building code.   UBC 
> Section 1633.2.3 reads "Connections that resist
design seismic forces 
> shall be designed and detailed on the drawings". 
The commentary to this 
> section from the SEAOC "Recommended Lateral Force
Requirements and 
> Commentary C108.2.2 reads "In some geographical
regions, particularly 
> those with low seismicity, a practice has evolved
that leaves the design 
> and detailing of connections to the fabricator or
> (notwithstanding its criticism by the American
Society of Civil 
> Engineers).  This practice is absolutely prohibited
by this 
> provision......".
> Thomas Hunt, S.E.
> ABS Consulting

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