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RE: Simple Beam Program?

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I just got a newsletter from IES today that said they are now beta-testing a program that does what you're looking for.  You can download the beta to check it out at  I use other software by IES (Visual Analysis, Design, Tools, ShapeBuilder), and have found their software and support to be excellent.
While you're at the IES site, you might also check out Analysis Group.  You can see information for this program at  It contains modules for solving problems other than just your continuous beam problem, so it may be more than what you're looking for.  But, if you could use any of the other tools it contains, you may find it to be a good value.
-- Joel Adair
Joel Adair, PE
Halff Associates, Inc.
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Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 1:10 PM
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Subject: Simple Beam Program?

We've used PCE Beam ( over the last few years for doing simple, multispan beam analysis and beams having atypical loadings (ie, triangular, etc.).
Unfortuately, PCE Beam has its flaws. The program crashes frequently under some load combinations, and I've yet to find a work-around.
We've got our own in-house programs for doing simple-span analysis. I'm looking for a good program for doing multispans conditions and can accept triangular loading and applied moments along the span.
Any suggestions?
Jeremy South, EI, LSI
Jenkins Engineering