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Re: Firewall separation for footings

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In my opinion, if the both walls are on the same side of the property line, there should not be a concern -- they can even share a common footing, like party walls in apartment buildings. If there is going to be a new property line running between the walls in future, each wall needs to have its own footing without relying on another, and without incroaching the other side. The gap can be 0".

Suresh Acharya, S.E. 

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I have a 12" cmu fire wall abutting an existing 12" cmu wall with 2" of separation.  The new wall is considered a fire wall.
I was just asked to prove that it is acceptable per the code for the footings to be in contact with each other, otherwise they have to be separated.
Is this valid?  Do footings have to be isolated like this?
James Wilson, PE
Stroudburg, PA

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