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Shearheads in reinforced concrete flat plates

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The contractor on a 6-storey building that I designed recently wants to know if he can substitute shearheads in place of the studrails I specified.
The Canadian concrete code says to refer to the ACI 318 code for design rules..  Of course, I don't have that code, and I can't download a pdf version, since it's not available.  Hard copy only. 
But I do have an article on the method in Fintel's "Handbook of Concrete Engineering", which, apart from the units conversion, the different load factors, the USD instead of LSD, etc., still makes sense.
Except for one thing :  It doesn't seem to account for moment transfer.  The equations only mention Vu, the ultimate shear.
Does the current ACI method account for the moments ?  If so, I will get a copy ASAP.

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