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Re: Are wood shearwalls going out of fashion, or what ?

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I had a similar problem here with a 100 year old factory
being converted to apartments.  The owner was telling the
architect that the project was going to cost too much, &
to get a new engineer.  I said that I would review my
design to see what savings I could achieve.  There were
some savings, but I also told the architect that if I was
fired, I would write a letter to the municipality about
my concerns (100 years old with no seismic (Zone 2 here
in Niag Falls) capability.  It seemed to solve the Owner's
On 25 May 2004 at 21:53, Kevin Below wrote:

> It looks I will be replaced as engineer on a series of condo buildings
> in the province of Quebec, because my design incorporates anchorages,
> holddowns, and - heaven forbid - OSB panels on several interior
> partitions, as well as the perimeter walls.  I even specified nail
> spacings and other untofore-seen inanities. The sub-contractor for the
> walls and (Hambro) joists had never seen that sort of thing before.
> So he offered the services of his usual engineer, who told my client
> that these unnecessary items would cost about $100,000.  The client
> says he's confused, and he'll have to go with the engineer who saves
> him the most money.
> So, I guess it pays to be ignorant.  That engineer, I deduce, has
> probably not changed his methods from the days (about 15 years ago),
> when bracing for wood-frame buildings here was automatically simply a
> plywood panel at each end of each main exterior wall (a total of 8
> panels per storey).  But this building is 4 stories, and has lots of
> wide openings in the end walls (sliding doors and windows on about 70
> %).  It is hopelessly inadequate without interior partitions as shear
> walls, in both directions.
> Oh well, I'll get over it.  I may have to call the Ordre des
> Ingénieurs, because the public safety is involved.
> Losing those contracts will give me more time to seek out clients with
> a little more scruple.
> Kevin Below, ing., Ph.D.
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