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shearheads/ studrails

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Can someone explain what shearheads and studrails are exactly? I was guessing a shearhead is the same as a headed stud? If you are looking for literature on headed stud design, we use PCI, Volume #5. BTW, there was a big drop off in headed stud capacities from Vol#4 that everyone should be aware of, we had to revise lots of our typical tilt-panel connections....
Also, someone mentioned how to show reactions on plans for the fabricator. We put the reactions, in kips, and the end of each beam right on the plans. We state on the plans these are factored loads according to LRFD. We only would do this for shear connections, steel to steel. We design any moment or peculiar connections....  Even if the fabricator doesn't design them, I have found this method great for QC checks, shop dwg reviews, etc. Your CAD tech or you can put the reactions on their own layer if you don't want them to go out on your 100% docs. For in house QC we can sit down with our calcs/RAM printout and review all of them. It makes checking our connection schedules/details easy as well.
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL