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IBC 2000 Wind Loading

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The table is entitled "Main Windforce-Resisting System Loads ..." and there's another table for "components".  It seems to me that your interpretation assigns the "Max Horizontal Wall Loads" column to "components".
If you're right, then the intent must be that "Max Horizontal Wall Loads" are to be used if there's no frame.  Right?
I'm not trying to be difficult, this is confusing to me.  It certainly should be more intuitive.
John Riley

The “Horizontal Loads” number is the sum of the sum of the wall loads with either positive or negative internal pressure on both walls.  The “Maximum Horizontal Wall Loads” number includes positive internal pressure on one wall and negative internal pressure on the other wall.  You use the first number to design the “Main Wind Force Resisting System” and the second set of numbers to design wall systems supporting roof framing.


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In Table 1609.6.2.1(1), why are there two columns labelled: 

   1. Horizontal Loads 

   2 . Maximum Horizontal Wall Loads 

and when do you use each? 

Please be kind. 

John Riley