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On Thu, 27 May 2004, Tom Skaggs wrote:

You may want to discuss your work-around with the IT people.  Our IT
people tell us that YAHOO/HOTMAIL et cetera accounts will leave our
network unprotected.  Thus, our company policy is that we are not to
check yahoo/hotmail accounts from company computers.  Perhaps somebody
more informed on IT issues than I would care to comment.

FWIW I have noticed that YAHOO! appears to now have spam filtering (at least) in place now. I'm sure they're tired of the bad rap they're getting.

I get emails to a YAHOO! address that I have solely because I help moderate a YAHOO! group and "spam" gets sent to the moderator address (and thus forwarded to me) all the time, and they are "tagged" by YAHOO! as "spam" in the headers (they add a [spam] tag to the SUBJ: line and send it on so they don't accidentally delete something that might be legitimate).

I have my system's filtering routines (procmail on Fedora Core 2 Linux) toss each of these into a folder on the server that I clean out from time to time, and they never even show up in my Outlook INBOX.


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