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You may want to discuss your work-around with the IT people.  Our IT
people tell us that YAHOO/HOTMAIL et cetera accounts will leave our
network unprotected.

One argument is that webmail is difficult to check for virii and
worms for anyone but the hosting company (e.g. Yahoo).  As a result,
the recipient company (e.g. APA) has no assurance that the quality/
timeliness of scanning is equivalent to that which they provide.
Furthermore, many people use the same password for their webmail as their
office accounts.  Since webmail passwords are typically sent unencrypted,
this facilitates breaking into company servers to use them as gateways
to other (more valuable) assets.  Also, the use of webmail allows people
to circumvent any keyword checks on outgoing email, which is sometimes
used to detect industrial espionage.


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