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shop dwgs

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I think Scott and Michael said it very well in their last posts. I don't think it is so much a copyright infringement or that the fab is geting off easy by using our drawings that engineers are worried about. I think it is we don't want to be on the hook when a fab uses our drawings and a beam is 1" off in the field. It is the dimensional and fit up issues that the fabricator has to review in detail that we do not during design.
At our office we will send our CAD dwgs to fabricators, shoring engineers, etc., but they must sign a release form and pay a nominal fee of $500 I think... This is not for us to punish them but to handle any time we put into the process. If it gives them a good place to start to use our dwgs, then fine. But don't blindly recopy them and add a couple shop notes on there and call that doing shop dwgs. I think that is what we are all concerned with.
Now, has anyone ever done a design-build and provided the GC a RAM materials list so they could competitively bid a job? We have done that very successfully, and our GC appreciated the fact we could do a quick and dirty analysis and give him quantities for ESTIMATING purposes. We then went on after we got the job and used our rough run for a full analysis. We were not on the hook for any extra steel after the fact either.
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL