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RE: Retaining wall fees

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> For an eight foot high retaining wall in a residential project we
> generally
> charge a few hundred dollars depending on soils, surcharge, etc.
> These walls are typically twenty to forty feet long with jogs
> and what have you. Now what if this same wall was to be used to surround
> an entire tract, a few miles in length, how do others figure a fee
> for such an expanded exposure?

The cheapest way for you would be to specify a design-build Modular MSE
wall.  It might even be cheaper over all depending on the local conditions
and what type of finish you want (the cheapest forming systems for concrete
walls leave a quite ugly finish).  Also, many people prefer the "look" of
modular MSE walls.

The design fees for MSE walls are usually based on the square footage of the
wall face (including caps and blocks below grade).  I've seen prices varying
from $1.00/s.f. (less than 750 s.f.) to $0.30/s.f. (over 75,000 s.f.).
Typical fees are in the $0.60 to $0.75/s.f. range.

This wall completely surrounds the entire complex?  Are you building a
bathtub or a hill fort?

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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