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> That would be, say, when an employee is running a pr0n service off of his
> company desktop machine over the main corporate internet link?

Offensive and violating plenty of company policies (at least I *hope*
so).  However, that's not something that prohibiting webmail would
solve.  That would be solved with a properly configured boundary firewall.
Allow inbound traffic only to the machine(s) you want on the ports
you want, and outbound traffic only from the machines you want on the
ports you want.  A little inside IDS work and you'll know as soon as your
resident moron tries to set up his little "business".

I suspect that what has been dubbed "hate mail" is closer to
Scott's meaning.  This may be offensive content sent to
individuals or to mailing lists or newsgroups.  One case with
which I am familiar involved an individual using company systems
to "email bomb" a neighbor with whom he was having a turf war.
Literally.  The argument was about bermuda grass in one guy's
front yard.  The offender set up a 'bot on his office machine to
send hundreds of emails an hour to the neighbor via a series of
yahoo accounts.  This was obviously before yahoo got sophisticated
and limited the rate of outgoing mails from an account.  I believe
the offender is now working to pay off the penalties for the
harassment suit he lost.  To paraphrase an M. Night Shyamalan movie:
"I see dumb people.  And they don't even know that they're dumb!"


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