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You can link your excel spreadsheets to the mathcad worksheet like a subroutine.  The design spreadsheets you already created in excel can be either inserted into Mathcad as a component or referenced outside Mathcad as an object link.  It took me a while to figure this out, but it works well.
Mathcad allows you to define the variables going into the excel sheet, and define the variables coming back to Mathcad.  The database files in excel can be used in the same way.  I recently used the AISC section properties database and inserted it into Mathcad so that I didn't have to manually input sections properties for each variable.
Mathcad also comes bundled with an Intergraph product called SmartSketch.  You can create drawings using this program and link the dimensions to Mathcad varibles.  SmartSketch works a little differently than AutoCAD in that it maintains relationships instead of fixed positions.  What you end up with is a detail with the correct geometry and dimensions.  I'm using it right now for SCBF connections and it really helps to immediately see the connection geometry.
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