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Re: Retaining wall fees

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        If you really think real estate salesmen make that much money you should try being one!  But first do some research; divide the total real estate commissions by the total number of real estate salesmen (a friend of mine actually did this) and you'll be surprised at how low their average income actually is and you will understand why there is such a high turn over in sales personnel.

        Back to the retaining wall fee question.  The cost of designing a one foot strip of wall may not be relative to the quantity of retaining wall built but most of your other costs will be.  The time spent on your preliminary visit to observe site drainage and other features that have a major impact on the design will be directly related to the length of wall.  So will the number of "site construction observation visits" (formerly known as site inspections).  And don't forget the insurance; your insurance will be a function of cost and type of construction (my guess is that it will be something like 0.3% to 0.5% of construction cost).


H. Daryl Richardson

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 In a message dated 5/28/2004 1:12:55 PM Pacific Standard Time, jkilgore(--nospam--at) writes:
Charging the client by the
> square foot of total walls when you need only design 1-foot wide section
> depending on soil changes and retained heights is not an option here.
> Dennis
This is the problem with our profession is that we are undercharging ourselves.  Why not charge by percentage of the cost of the project just like the realtors do.  This is related to charging by square foot or by linear foot.  Charging nominal fee because we only need to do a section and simple calculations is downgrading our profession.  I think we should be compensated in relation for the number of years we have spent in the university and not only on the number of hours we spent on the job. I don't have a complain why doctors and lawyers charge more than the engineers but I  feel slighted when most jobs that need lower education receive more than engineers because they protect themselves by charging the minimum fees in relation to the cost of the job they are working on.  Something should be done so that it will be unethical to charge lower than the minimum prevailing charges! What is funny is that realtors compared to three years ago are now being paid double or triple because prices of houses doubled or tripled in the past three years while engineers are still charging almost the same thing.  Poor engineers! I'm really frustrated the way engineers are being compensated to the point that I don't even encourage my kids to take up engineering.  A.S.Quilala Jr., P.E.