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RE: MathCad

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Do you just want to use the Excel calculation, or do you want to show the entire Excel spreadsheet?  From you message I think you want to show the entire spreadsheet.
I haven't tried to show the excel spreadsheet in Mathcad.  What I've done is created an "area" and collapsed the excel spreadsheet inside that area.  You won't see the excel sheet in the printout, but it will  be more presentable.
Another option is to reference the excel file, send your variables in and out of the excel sheet and print it separately.
Good luck.
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From: Sam Chang [mailto:szchang(--nospam--at)]
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To: Steiner, Matt
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Subject: MathCad

This is very nice to know.  However, after I 'INSERT OBJECT' of a MathCad file into Excel, it is so very wide, it covers at least two pages.  I can't shrink the MathCad object down, which made it not a useful for presentation.

Any helps you can give us?


Sam Chang

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