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Plan stamping hits the trade rags

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I noticed that out PA plan-stamping web service friend made the front page of the Engineering Times this month. My favorite bits from the piece were:

"He does admit that he may have made the mistake of allowing his marketing people too much control over how his services were presented"

and that he wants to provide services for "'everyday people' working on small private projects. 'There are technicians using software that has been developed by PEs, and as long as the input and output is correct, I feel that those are worthy documents and that I can get involved with'"

and he's updated his website/business not to exclude plan stamping, but (with the help of a lawyer) to "make sure there's absolutely nothing offensive in the marketing literature".

This is a joke right? He's essentially admitting to plan stamping the work of technicians using black-box programs, and justifying it by saying that the programs were written by PEs, and that his projects are "just" for private residential projects. I wonder how the program authors feel about this, or - perhaps more importantly - how his E&O insurance carrier feels about this.

I say jerk his licenses now.

Jordan Truesdell, PE, Principal

Truesdell Engineering, Inc.
Structural Consulting and Design
434 Bluegrass Trail Studio #23
Newport, VA 24128-0342

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