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Re: Laptops

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Most any laptop that you get nowdays will have no problem running those programs. I've got a Toshiba laptop with a 1.5ghz Celeron I got 2 years ago that runs AutoCAD and STAAD just fine.
Most people don't realize one of the biggest bottlenecks on laptops are the hard drives that spin at 4200 RPM. In comparison, most newer desktop hard drives spin at 7200 RPM.  With laptops having such a small form factor, a 7200 RPM drive produces too much heat, and requires more power (hence less battery life).
Personally, I prefer Toshiba and Dell laptops over the other brands. I've never had an HP laptop, but have been less than impressed with the ones that I've seen.
From a cost standpoint, it's really hard to compete with Dell. They usually have some type of deal going on, and that's pretty much what I recommend to friends and family when they bring up the subject of laptops.
Jeremy South, EI, LSI
Tupelo, MS
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From: Bill Allen
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 11:24
Subject: OT: Laptops

I?m looking for a laptop. I haven?t had one in years (I think my last one was a 386SX to give you an idea).


I don?t need a desktop replacement, but I would like to run everything on it that I run on my desktop including AutoCAD, STAAD, MS Office, e-mail and Internet.


I don?t want to spend a lot of money, but I don?t want to under-purchase either.


I want something reliable and durable (might take it camping with me).


I would like it to be small and lightweight.


Any suggestions?




T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)


San Juan Capistrano, CA