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Re: Retaining wall fees - Real Estate

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"As Scott rightly points out, they waste a lot of time showing properties to people that aren't going to buy. Probably even more than that, people who are going to buy waste a lot of their agent's time talking and seeing properties that they don't need to see."

It would be tough to convince a buyer that they ought to spend what is probably their life savings and commit themselves to 30 years of payments on the first house that they see, without "wasting" the agent's time talking to them and viewing properties so that they can save the seller some commission money.  Taking advantage of modern technology to make searches more efficient and to get more information on properties before viewing them can certainly help, but I think a certain amount of shopping around is going to be inherent in the process.  Keep in mind that there is no reason you can't shop around for agents, just like people shop around for houses.  Even aside from negotiating fees (which is possible, but not popular with them... obviously) there are many programs out there that will rebate a portion of the commission back to the buyer and/or the seller.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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