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Re: code question

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The latest provisions of the CHBC were developed a few years ago when the prevailing codes were the 95 CBC and 84 UCBC. they have not been updated since. Keep in mind that this is still a significant milestone since they had not been updated for decades (if I am not mistaken) before that!

Note at the end of section 8-706.1 where it gives you a way out: "Reasonably equivalent standards may be used on a case-by-case basis when approved by the AHJ"

And, if you and the owner, are willing to use a more recent code, I cannot imagine why and AHJ would not agree with that.

Ben Yousefi, SE 
AHJ (of some sort!) 
Santa Monica, CA

>>> dwoodham(--nospam--at) 06/02/04 04:20PM >>>

We are working on a seismic strengthening for a building in California (our design to be reviewed by CA SE) and are following the 2001 California Historic Building Code which in turn points to the 1995 California Building Code and the 1994 UCBC.  The 1994 UCBC is no problem but I am having trouble finding a copy of the 1995 CBC.   Anyone know where I can get a copy and know why  the 2001 CHBC doesn't reference the three year old 1998 CBC or the four year old UCBC?

Mired in Codes,

David B. Woodham, P.E.
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