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Off Topic - Metal Detectors

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Years ago I loved to relax searching below the ground with a metal detector. At the time I owned a Whites 5900 which was a gold hunting machine. Didn’t find much gold, but I did find some interesting coins in Santa Monica at the time. I lost track of the hobby and in the last few years I have wanted to renew my interest but the cost of the top of the line Whites has risen over $1,100.00.


My wife purchased the Whites DFX for my birthday a few weeks ago and while I live in the desert, I believe that many wealthy people lose jewelry on the golf courses that end up being carried down into the dry washes when it finally rains. I happened to be telling a friend who works as a field tech for Earth Systems Consulting here in the desert and he has done Pachometer testing on some buildings for me. It turns out that he too likes the hobby and owns an old Whites 6000d detector. We are now planning to hit some of the ghost towns nears Quartzite Arizona while my wife hits the swap meets that are held from January thru March in Quartzite.


I was just interested to find out if any of you have a similar interest? I know that there are a number of musicians out there (I am a guitarist but have not played for about a year due to work demands) and others are into Science Fiction (another of my passions). Write me separately if you are into gold panning or metal detecting – I’d like to hear some of your stories about your favorite finds.


We leave for Chicago by car at the end of August and will be taking the metal detector with. My grandsons are excited about discovering buried treasure – I just like the relaxing time that I have forgotten in the rush of working for the all mighty dollar. We are also going to spend a few days in the Benson/Tombstone area looking for land and sweeping the metal detector over some of the old ghost towns.  Roger Turk might know more about this but I also know that Nel’s sister or sister-in-law lives in the Benson area.


Send me some of your interests – if you have any good web links send those as well, but please do it privately.


Thanks all,



Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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