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Real Estate Fees and Services

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You'll have to excuse my intrusion into this thread, but for some reason I'm
getting a weird "whine" vibe from a lot of the posts.  If anybody is doing
their job just for the money, then they are doing the wrong job - lesson
being that there is likely some other job/career that would pay MORE than
you could get paid now.  

Anyhow, the commissions charged by real estate agents are absurd, and the
example given on a $300,000 is the most glaring, given the average values of
the situation.  If you don't want to pay the fees, list the home yourself,
or as others have suggested, shop around for a good agent.  There's bound to
be someone in your local area who is reputable and is willing to give you
your money's worth or negotiate their fee.  

I recently walked past an open house here in Sacramento, and went in to
look.  Of course I am interested in the house itself, but I really don't
have the financing available to me so the open house was essentially a waste
of time for the owners, but the agent did something that amazed me.  I was
genuinely interested in the home, but he started to pitch other properties.
In fact, he switched gears pretty fast and wouldn't let go of it.  All I
could think is that the owners of the home would have to angry if they knew
the agent was using the open house as a way to sell other peoples homes!  

Has anyone had any experience like that?


Christopher S. Campbell
O'Connor Freeman & Assoc., Inc.

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"They're only mad at me because I'm right"

Ultimately, it is ridiculous that I should pay $18,000 in commissions to
sell a $300,000 house. I could buy a new car or install a new kitchen for
that. At $100/hr, that's 180 hours, which is 4.5 weeks work for a
professional. If I hired my agent as a consultant for $100/hr, I might not
waste as much time. We live in the age of the computer - maybe the agents
could make available a database of pictures and video (as i think some of
them do now), and save a few man hours.

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