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I solved the number pad problem with my laptop by purchasing a number pad that plugs into usb port. The number pad is about 4” x 4”. Laptop is an HP Pavillion, it has been a workhorse. I run cad, enercalc, risa3d, billquick, word, essentially have used it just like a desktop…a lot. It has a wireless feature that I use to print to a portable deskjet printer for field observation reports and/or field revisions done on the spot in cad and printed out for contractor. I also have a pdi card (think that’s the correct term) which receives the memory stick from my Sony camera, much faster than using usb for transferring photos from camera to laptop. This has come in real handy when in the field on a fire job for example, snapping photos, putting on computer, going to building department and showing photos of items in question to building department personnel.




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I have been using a Toshiba Satellite laptop as a replacement for my desktop since the first of the year.  Love it.


Only problem is the lack of a number pad.  I solved that with a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse.


Dave Smith, P.E.