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Re: Steel Tank Repair

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>Any experience upgrading/repairing steel storage tanks with FRP bands
>out there.
I'd really be surprised if you could get much additional strength out of 
wrapping a tank with fiberglass. The steel tank wall is much stiffer 
(factor of way over 10) than the glass, so the band would simply ride 
along like a coat of paint.

I've done a fair amount of pressure vessel work in the past 40 years, and 
I haven't ever seen a good way of strengthening a tank the way you 
describe. I'm assuming you're thinking in terms of something like silo 
bands or barrel hoops, but the load transfer is altogether different. In 
those cases the walls themselves carry no hoop tension at all, they just 
fit tight to keep out the rain. The bands carry all the hoop loads. Tanks 
OTOH are circumferentially continuous and the walls are designed for hoop 
tension. Local reinforcement, if it interacts with the tank wall at all, 
usually just causes a stress concentration because the tank cant strain 
locally. It ends up being something like a very tight belt--the beer gut 
just ends up expaning around it.

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