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Enercalc Version 5.8

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There maybe variety of answers to your questions.
1) It appears to me that the new version of Enercalc 5.8 is using ACI 318-02 Appendix C for concrete design. This is ok by IBC 2003 as far as I know, and it probably didn't require as much reprogramming as trying to switch to the new load factors used in Chapter 9. I'm not sure about the masonry parts of the program.
2) I'm not sure how up-to-date your Demo version of Enercalc 5.8 is. We are using the full version in our office and there has been quite a few patches since the program was released. I know some of them involved the seismic calculations. I am guessing that Enercalc does not patch the Demo when a glitch is found.
3) Are you somehow using site class C instead of D? This would give you Fa= 1.2 instead of 1.6.
Wesley C. Werner
had recently downloaded the new Enercalc Version 5.8 Demo version and have the following comments / questions :

1) The new version had claimed to be updated to meet IBC 2003 requirements, but majority of the forms were still computed based on the old UBC 94/97. (i.e Masonry wall, concrete calculations referring to seismic zones, seismic zone factors, special inspection requirements etc. They hsould be modified to meet the requirements of ASCE 7-02, ACI 530-02 and ACI 318-02).

2) New Forms for Seismic Analysis – Spectra response accelerations based on 0.2s and 1.0s S(s) and S(1) appears to be significantly lower compared to 1996/2002 USGS Seismic Hazard maps.

3) New Forms for Seismic Analysis – Automated computation of the site coefficient, Fa was incorrect. The program shows to use a site coefficient, F(a) of 1.2, is this correct ? My IBC table 1615.1.2(1) shows a F(a) value ot 1.6 for Ss <= 0.25.

Had anybody had a chance to verify the results of this latest version yet ?

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