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RE: Off Topic laptop/motorcycles

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...someone mentioned motorcycles....

I just completed my first long distance ride on my new(to me) BMW roadster,
1500+ miles roundtrip.  I got caught in the storms rushing across Illinois
on Sunday.  That was exciting!

Back to topic, I've been using an emachine laptop for the past year.  Great
for work and play.  Best bang for your buck, IMHO.  The have several models
in the $1000 range, check them out at

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With all due respect, I think that you have the cart before the horse!
Eventually, you are going to want to trade in your BMW two-wheeler for a
legitimate American motorcycle, such as a Harley Davidson.  When that
happens, you won't need to load that CD any more.  Also, with your new
Harley, your priorities are likely to change drastically.  You won't be
wasting time writing macros in front of sit-coms anymore, and you certainly
won't bother with email.  Instead, you'll be spending every non-working
moment out on the open road, touring the Great American West, and
occasionally making pilgrimages to exotic locations like Sturgis and
Thus, it is obvious that you really don't need a new laptop.  You don't even
need a new PDA.  Settle for a good cell phone and/or GPS unit, and save the
rest of your fortune for leather and gas.
Smilin' Stan
waitin' for Vinnie in BIG D  

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