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2001 NDS nail penetration

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The 2001 NDS states in section that the minimum nail penetration shall be 6D and section states that the length of dowel bearing shall not include the tapered tip for fastener penetration lengths less than 10D.

The 2001 NDS has tables that states shear values for nails and a footnote to 
those tables that states that the tabulated shear load is based on a minimum 
penetration depth of 10D.

Does anyone know why they chose 10D as a minimum penetration depth as no where else in the 2001 NDS does it state that 10D is the minimum penetration depth to obtain full nail shear value.  The 1997 NDS does state it clearly that minimum penetration of 12D is required to achieve full shear value of a nail (section 12.3.4).

Perhaps 10D was chosen randomly?  Or perhaps 10D was chosen as it was determined as the depth that most nail and screw (the screw tables also use 10D) diameters achieve their maximum shear capacity?  Or chosen so that one did not have to reduce the dowel bearing length for the calculations by the length of the tapered tip?

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